About Us

Luminaria are a great way to make a lasting impression at your special event but they are also a wonderful fundraising tool.  For over 30 years, Eastern Oil Corporation (BestLuminariaCandles.com) has been a provider of the highest quality wax and candle supplies made right in our factory in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania (minutes away from downtown Pittsburgh). Our luminaria candles have been used for large and small events from neighborhood celebrations and weddings to town fundraisers for veterans. We are here to help you see if this is the right fundraiser for you.


Organizations using luminaria:

  • Volunteer Fire Departments
  • Scouting Troops
  • Parochial, Private and Public Schools
  • Relay for Life Events
  • Parent Teacher Associations
  • High School Bands
  • Churches of various denominations
  • Boroughs, townships and cities (holidays, fourth of July celebrations)

We have also sold luminaria kits to:

  • Restaurants
  • Wedding Parties
  • Country clubs
  • High School Dance committees
  • Memorial services for loved ones